Meet the team

This is me, Peter.

My two main aims in life are helping people and working with technology.
What we are doing here with Pack Shed Pro combines both of those things in a way that helps me sleep well each night. I am also a recovering perfectionist.

I have been working with technology and programming since I was in primary school, yes computers did exist back then, and I am really good at the back end coding.
I am not so good at making stuff pretty however, especially on mobile devices, which is an area in which Pavan excels.



Ah Sandy, my wife and backbone.

Sandy is not very involved in the day to day business of Pack Shed Pro, but she certainly helps to keep it (and me) focused and moving in the right direction.

When I run into difficulties she is my sounding board, and when I push myself to burnout she is there telling me she saw it coming.




Pavan came on board several years ago as I needed some code written that I had wasted hours attempting to learn. He produced the code and has been working with us in steadily increasing amounts ever since.

Without Pavan’s coding our wonderful software would still look like it came from the 1990s. The bits he hasn’t got to yet may still look a little that way.
He also pushes me to explain why we are creating a feature in a certain way, keeping both of us user-focused.