Pack Shed Pro is designed to benefit farmers, as is the pricing.

It only requires that you have a computer/phone/tablet and an Internet connection. Printers may be required depending on your usage. (For those with an unreliable Internet connection the software can be installed on a dedicated on-premises computer).

We have three pricing levels




Create pallets

Create dispatches

Print box, pallet, and PPS (quality check) stickers

Print and email dispatches and con notes

Production report

Block yield report

Traceability report

Record promised prices

Record actual prices and payments

Reconcile payments

Find mismatches between promised prices and actual prices

Find mismatches between what was sent and what has been paid for

Record freight invoices, auto-calculating expected costs

Average returns report, showing who buys the most and who pays the best prices

Invoice report. This is an exportable (to Excel) listing of what you have been paid. Showing products, quantities, and all fees and levies

Email dispatch information in XML format (for importing into their software) to your agents

Universal reporting (includes incident reporting)

Grower distribution report

Grower pallets

Record harvest details

Record staff hours (for use in the production report)

Staff skills and licences

Staff medical issues


Record what you pack and where you send it, with traceability.

Basic, plus simple tracking of the money you both are and should be bringing in.

Mid, plus packing for multiple growers, staff management, harvest recording, and communication with computerised graders such as those produced by Compac.

Annual subscription




Customisation is available on request and will be quoted for before work is commenced.
If you require an onsite setup the cost of the computer and its configuration is added to your first year.

Bug fixes are always free.

For more details please check out our online license agreement (the least boring bits of that agreement are on the last page) or contact us.