Pack Shed Pro is a pack shed logistics program.


 “This is the first year we have used thefarmprocess during our avocado season. thefarmprocess has been easy to use and streamlined our operations from packing & dispatch through to the accounting side of tracking invoices and payments to ensure all consignments have been accounted for. Peter has been great in taking our feedback on board and making adjustments and further developments to the program to suit our business needs. We believe that this program has definitely been a positive addition to our business.”

Alan Poggioli. Golden Triangle Avocados (2016, and still a happy customer)


The Farm Process Pty Ltd is pleased to announce we have renamed our flagship program to Pack Shed Pro!

The software keeps track of all fruit that is packed and shipped, automatically producing needed paperwork such as con notes and dispatch information, then keeps the farmer up to date on expected payments etc.

Saving our customers time

Pack Shed Pro has been carefully designed in close consultation with farms and pack sheds so as to provide the most needed features quickly and easily, meaning that your staff will spend less time having to deal with paperwork or trying to figure out where a load went.

  • Take the nightmare out of your daily paperwork

No longer will you need to create duplicate information recorded in a hurry. With the click of a button you have all of the information to hand to your truck driver, your broker or agent, the grower, as well as your own records.

  • Know your cashflow

You can know how much you should be getting paid for each truckload of fruit you send.

Then if a payment or freight bill does not match what was expected you are warned.

  • Don’t hate your computer!

Extreme emphasis has been placed on making the software intuitive and helpful.

With The Farm Process you no longer need to fight with your computer to get meaningful results.

For myself, I found working with The Farm Process program a lot easier than having to use the old-fashioned paperwork invoices. Keeping a track of pallet creations and being able to quickly create a pallet number and attach a sticker made life in the shed flow a great deal better. The accounts side is also wonderful and easy to pick up discrepancies in payments that have been received. I’d highly recommend this system to anyone, especially due to the fact that Peter is quickly contactable if I am stuck on how to do something or if the occasional mishap occurs. Thanks Peter!

~Helen Yelavich of Sunrise Orchards